Finding our way,

Inquiring into our world,

                                                               Christ and Church as our guide.


The Religious Education Curriculum for classroom learning at St Patrick's College follows the pathway of 'teaching students about religion'.  This approach utilises our Church traditions and parish connections to encourage students to inquire into our modern world and find deeper meaning and purpose in our multi-faith, contemporary society.

The Year 7-10 curriculum provides for 2 ½ hours per week of religious teaching which adheres to the Archdiocesan and Brisbane Catholic Education curriculum framework for topics, themes and skills.  This framework places emphasis on 4 key areas:

·         Sacred Texts – Hebrew text, Gospels and Letters, Contemporary Writers

·         Church – History, People, Liturgy

·         Beliefs – about Trinity, about Human Existence, of World Religions

·         Christian Life – Moral Formation, Mission and Justice, Prayer and Spirituality

These are taught together around contemporary inquiry themes, as spiritual, personal and social development are learnt in context of the world that students live in.

The Junior Curriculum Handbook has more detailed information regarding specific topics and expectations.


The Year 11-12 curriculum provides students the opportunity for more in-depth inquiry through the choice of two subjects:

·         Study of Religion

·         Religion and Ethics

Each of these subjects prompts students to broaden their perspective of human existence through active inquiry, using key touch-stones of Christianity and other world religions as guideposts on their educational journey. 

The Senior Curriculum Handbook has more detailed information regarding specific topics and expectations.​


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