Administration 2020

​​​​​​​​​​​Wells, Jillian.jpg

​Ms Jill Wells

Principal's Assistant/

Enrolments Officer

"I love working in such a supportive, caring, family environment"

Crawford, Kerri.jpg

Mrs Kerri Crawford

Finance Secretary

"I value the pastoral care St Patrick's provides to all members of the Community. To work in an environment that celebrates its history & traditions is very special"

Fran.jpgMrs Fran Millard

Administration Secretary


Morris, Kelly.jpg
Mrs Kelly Morris

Administration Secretary

Mills, Michelle.jpg

Ms Michelle Mills

Administration Secretary



Smith, Eve.jpg

​Mrs Eve Smith

Administration Secretary/

Uniform Shop Convenor

McNaught, Maree.jpg

M​​rs Maree McNaught

Work Placement Officerork 

"I value the great staff who work together using their knowledge & skills to provide a positive experience for the students"


STPATGYMP023 eb.jpg​​​

Mrs Rhiannon Kyte

Marketing & Administration Officer





Faranda, Michael.jpg 

Mr Michael Faranda

E-Learning & Innovation


"I value the challenges that drive you in an education environment" 


Lynch, Tracy.jpg

Mrs Tracy Lynch

E-Learning & Innovation Aide/  Marketing & Public Relations

"I value the nurturing environment at St Pat's, supporting students to become the best they can be"



Pooley, Karen.jpg 

​Mrs Karen Pooley

Tuckshop Convenor

Cullen, Pauline.jpg 

​Mrs Pauline Cullen

WH&S Officer

Assistant Tuckshop Convenor


​Mr Jake Pekar

Laboratory Technician


"I value the great sense of family & commitment,

 which helps students to feel safe & supported

​ throughout their journey at the college"

Ball, David.jpg 

Mr David Ball