Administration 2020

​​​Wells, Jillian.jpg

Ms Jill Wells

Principal's Assistant/  Enrolments Officer

"I love working in such a supportive, caring, family, environment"

​​Crawford, Kerri.jpg

Mrs Kerri Crawford

Finance Secretary


"I value the pastoral care St Patrick's provides to all members of the Community. To work in an environment that celebrates it's history & traditions is very special"

​​Morris, Kelly.jpg

Mrs Kelly Morris

Administration Secretary




Mills, Michelle.jpg
Ms Michelle Mills
Administration Secretary
Student Window

Smith, Eve.jpg

​Mrs Eve Smith

Administration Secretary
Student Window /

Uniform Shop Convenor





McNaught, Maree.jpg 

M​​rs Maree McNaught

Work Placement Officer


"I value the great staff who work together using their knowledge & skills to provide a positive experience for the students"

Mrs Fran Millard
Administration Secretary
Student Window

(LSL 2020)

​​STPATGYMP023 eb.jpg

Mrs Rhiannon Kyte

Marketing &
Public Relations

​Mr Michael Faranda
E-Learning & Innovation


"I value the challenges that drive me in an education environment"

Mrs Tracy Lynch
E-Learning & Innovation Aide
Advertising & Public Relations
"I value the nurturing environment at St Pat's, supporting students to become the best they can be"

​​Pooley, Karen.jpg

​Mrs Karen Pooley

Tuckshop Convenor

​​Cullen, Pauline.jpg

​Mrs Pauline Cullen

WH&S Officer

Assistant Tuckshop Convenor


​Mr Jake Pekar

Laboratory Technician


"I value the great sense of family & commitment,

 which helps students to feel safe & supported

​ throughout their journey at the college"

Ball, David.jpg

Mr David Ball