Teacher Aides 2020

​​​​​​Doak, Claire.jpg
​Mrs Claire Doak



Gorman, Donna.jpg
Mrs Donna Gorman

"I value the commitment, integrity and support our school offers for all"

Malone, Amy.jpg

Mrs Amy Malone

"I value being part of a school community where every student is known and supported in reaching his or her full potential"

McIntosh, Tanya.jpg

​Tanya McIntosh




Kelly, Rob.jpg
 Mr Rob Kelly

"I value that St Pat's is like one big friendly family"

Senini, Kerri.jpg
Mrs Kerri Senini

​"I value the caring, family environment & the welcoming faces at St Pat's.  I value the small moments that happen each day"

Derrick, Amanda.jpg
Mrs Amanda Derrick