Teaching Staff 2020


Zinkel, Tom.jpg​​​​​

 Mr Tom Zinkel

Study of Religion / 

English / History

"I value the real sense of community within St Pat's as it provides strong support structures for staff and students alike"



Mrs Margaret Beadles  

(LSL 2020)


Groom, Simon.jpg 

Mr Simon Groom
Economics & Business /  History / Japanese / Religion

"I value the welcoming nature of the students and staff"


Cain, Elizabeth.jpg 

Ms Elizabeth Cain

Visual Arts / Study of Religion / History

"I value the family atmosphere at St Pat's.  We all look out for each other"​​



​​​​​​​​Cleary, John.jpg
Mr John Cleary

   Mathematics / Geography /      History / Study of Religion                                     

"I value the way we work as a team"


​​Trueman, Marianne.jpg

Ms Maria​nne Trueman

Music / Visual Arts /

S​​tudy of Religion


Mr Tony Hallam

     English / History​ /               Study of Religion

"I value that St Pat's provides a catholic education environment to engage with the leaders of the future"

Pooley, Hayley.jpg

Mrs Haley Pooley

         ​Science /                            Film, Television, New Media / Media Arts / HPE / Dance


"I value the team environment and the pride the students have in their school"



​​​Andreassen, Angela resized.jpg 

Mrs Angela Andreassen

Mathematics / Science / Biology

"I value our school spirit and the willingness to have a go"


Doherty, Stacey.jpg

​Mrs Stacey Doherty

Mathematics / Science / HPE Cert III in Fitness


"I value the focus St Pat's has on the development of the whole child, not just the academic outcomes"

Michael, Jemma.jpg

Ms Jemma Michael

History / HPE


"I value the opportunity to teach at St Pat's, to encourage students to shine so their learning may contribute to their lives in a meaningful way"


Tappin, Jason.jpg 

Mr Jason Tappin

Cert II in Engineering Pathways / 

 Cert I in Construction /            ​Design & Technologies        ​ (wood and metal work)       

"I value our passion for the wholistic education of individual young minds"


 Smit, Kayla.jpg

​​Miss Kayla Smit


"I value the family culture that is so welcoming and inclusive" 

Adamson, Kathleen resized.jpg

Ms Kathleen Adamson

 Mathematics / Science /     Study of Religion

"I value the supportive working relationships at St Pat's"

       Easton, Alison.jpg      

Mrs Alison Easton

English / Drama 

"I value the faces that sit before me"

Tabuai, James.jpg 

Mr James Tabuai

HPE / History ​​​​ 


"I value the genuine care that is shown amongst teachers and students alike in establishing positive relationships"




 Larry Hickey resized.jpg

Mr Laurence Hickey

Mathematics / 

Design & Technologies

(Wood & Metal Work)​​​​ ​




​      Rogers, Jaimme.jpg

Mr Jaimme Rogers

English / History

"I am inspired by the collaboration of peers and the diligence of the students at St Pat's.  Teaching here is a rewarding experience"

​     Pearce, Christina.jpg
          Christina Pearce

  Mathematics / Science (Physics)​

​      Flynn, Carrie.jpg
         Carrie Flynn


Design & Technologies

(Food & Materials) / 

Hospitality Practices / 


 "The thing I value most about St Pat's is that respect and kindness is fostered at school and we see this every day in our dealings with students and teachers"

​      Ebbett, Samuel.jpg

Mr Samuel Ebbett

History / 

Mathematics / HPE 

"I understand the value of the truly positive environment created by all at St Pat's"

​      Camps, Joshua.jpg

Mr Joshua Camps

Mathematics /

Design & Technologies

(wood & metal work)

​"I value the support of existing staff offered to beginning teachers"

​​Pooley, Todd.jpg 

Mr Todd Pooley 

Mathematics / HPE 

Support Teacher Inclusive Education (Wed)

"I value the inclusive nature of the college and support we can provide both inside and outside of the classroom"

​     Margaret Calvert resized.jpg
       Mrs Margaret Calvert

       Mathematics /       Science / Biology


Members of the CLT(excluding the Principal), Pastoral Coordinators, Department Heads also teach various subjects.