​St Patrick's College is NOW Enrolling  for 2019 and beyond - please contact our Enrolments Officer, Jillian Wells for an enrolment package and tour.

An Application of Enrolment will only be accepted when an enrolling parent/guardian can present a fully completed Enrolment Application and the following documents:

1. Copy of Birth Certificate and / or Australian Citizenship - (if appropriate)
2. Copy of Sacrament Certificates
3. Copy of LATEST Report Card
4. Copy of latest NAPLAN test results
If you are unable to present all of this documentation as it is may not be available to you then Enrolment Applications will be accepted with a copy of the Birth Certifcate, most recent Report Card and NAPLAN.
Once all of this information is obtained by the Enrolments Officer then an interview will be arranged.
It is extremely important the above information is supplied to the College before the time of interview to save time and disruption in obtaining them at a later date.

The College's Enrolment Package is comprised of the following documents.


Enrolment Form (Electronic Version)

Enrolment Form (Print Version)

Enrolment Notes Booklet​ - to be read in conjuction with the Enrolment Form Above.

College Fee Concession Policy

For College Fees and Levies, please follow this link - http://www.spcgympie.qld.edu.au/enrolments/Pages/College-Fee-and-Levy-Information.aspx 


Second Interview Documentation

Information Access Permission

Parent Information Brochure​

Parent Preparation for EASP Meeting


(A second interview is required when a student is verified or has a learning difficulty.)

​ ​