College Fee and Levy Information

​​​​​​​The College accepts - BPay, Direct Debit (Direct Debit Formvia our Banker, EFTPOS (Debit or Credit Card), or Qkr! in payment of ANY College fee or debt.  BPay requires a MINIMUM payment of $50.00.

The Direct Debit Form above is an INTERACTIVE PDF which is best completed - as much as possible - online and then printed and brought to or emailed to the College for action. There is also a Ready Reckoner available on the Archdiocesan Development Fund website to assist in working out payment amounts.

​Please contact the College Office should you have any problems. 


Fees and Levies for 2023 have been approved by the College Pastoral Board and are available below. There is a decrease in fees for additional students in a family. Discounts for having a student at St Patrick's Primary School are available.


    College Fees 2023.pdf- 2023 College Fees and Levies

  ​Qkr! by Matercard​ - Link