Rice House

​   House Patron:   EDMUND RICE   

 Edmund Ignatius Rice was founder of the Christian Brothers a religious order which valued the importance of education.  Edmund Rice grew up in Ireland (born 1762) at a time when most Irish Catholics were effectively cut off from education.  In 1802 Edmund Rice took the first steps to commence a “brotherhood” specifically formulated to liberate poor young boys through education. Edmund Rice’s belief that God created all humans in God’s loving image was the foundation of this education, guiding these young boys to discover that image, through the promotion of self-dignity, empowerment, faith tradition and liberation. His first makeshift school, in a converted stable in New Street, Waterford, proved to have difficult beginnings with teachers resigning due to unruly children. However, Rice was so committed to the success of his school that he devoted his attention to training teachers who would also dedicate their lives to teaching and prayer.  In 1808, seven of the staff including Edmund Rice, took religious vows and where soon known as Christian Brothers.   In 1904 the Christian Brothers established a school for boys in Gympie known as “St Teresa’s of the Little Flower” catering for boys from Grade 5 – 12.   In 1983 the Christian Brothers School and the Sisters of Mercy girl’s school amalgamated to form St Patrick’s College.   Here the Edmund Rice charism lives on through the dedication of its teachers.


The Cross:  The Celtic cross, symbolic of Edmund Rice’s Irish heritage, combines the Latin cross with a circle symbolising unity and eternity.   Rice resolved to provide education for underprivileged boys and took night-time excursions with his lantern to seek them out.  The lantern within the circle illustrates our wish to follow the example of Edmund Rice in allowing our won light to shine, thus illuminating the path for others.

Our Rice House Leader is - Lauren Lawley

 For the most part, students are in houses along family lines, and should now remain with the same Coordinator and Home Room Teacher for a number of years. Hopefully, positive and meaningful relationships can be built over this time which enhance your child’s overall ability to learn academically, socially and spiritually at St. Patrick’s. 

Should you have concerns about how your student is coping with College life, or specific parts of their schooling, please contact the College and ask to speak to the relevant House Coordinator. For issues such as lateness, absence or minor uniform matters, speaking to your child’s Home Room Teacher may be more productive initially. 

One of the ways in which each house builds a sense of community is through of the specific sporting carnivals held each year. 

As a Pastoral Team, we would like to remind parents to read our Newsletter, emailed to families each week, as well as peruse your child’s diary. Both are essential means of communicating your child’s daily and weekly experiences at St. Patrick’s. Please note this in the student diary.


 Our Homeroom teachers for 2024 are:
     Rice 1 - Kayla Smit

     Rice 2 - Joel Welsh

     Rice 3 - Michelle Tappin

     Rice 4 - Jasmin Pace-Kaddatz

     Rice 5 - Miriam Bates

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