Religious Life of the College



Vision for Religious Education

Finding our way,

Inquiring into our world,

Christ and Church as our guide.

Our Vision for Religious Education emphasises the complementarity of the two dimensions of religious education:


v  Religious Literacy

v  Faith Formation


We aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate fully in faith contexts and wider society.


Our Vision for Religious Education appropriately aligns with learning and teaching goals and vision of the College;

Fostering talent,

Providing challenge,

Pursuing wisdom.


Our Vision for Religious Education challenges students to be a religious voice in the world through developing an inquiring, critical interpretation and evaluation of culture. Through vibrant and engaging Religious Education, students become active constructors of culture rather than passive consumers. In this way, students are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and find meaning and purpose in their everyday lives.


Jesus Christ is the centre of this vision. While knowledge and understanding of religious concepts are important, the truths and beliefs to which a student adheres must have some consequence in their life.


Religious education seeks to develop the religious literacy of students in light of the Catholic Christian tradition, so that they might participate critically and authentically in contemporary culture. Students become religiously literate as they develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to interpret and use language confidently in and for faith contexts and the wider society, and as they grow their self-identity in a complex world.


St. Patrick’s College aspires to form students who can articulate their faith and live it in an open and authentic way. Religious literacy should not be confused with religious knowledge: religious literacy encompasses a set of ongoing activities and interactions among people. These include ways of talking, acting, creating, communicating, critiquing, evaluating, participating, ritualising, theologising, worshipping, reading, reflecting, and writing with others in a variety of religious and secular contexts.


For religious educators, this vision is framed within a broad understanding of life that goes beyond education, but instead is based on developing a consistent cosmology with which to interpret and act within the world, guided by an inquiring nature and interpreted by the wisdom of our faith tradition.


Religious Life of the College

Finding our way,

Inquiring into our world,

Christ and Church as our guide.

St Patrick’s College is a parish centred school within the Brisbane Catholic Education system.  This parish connection along with the history of the Christian Brothers and Mercy Sisters are key touch-stones for our formation of community, and holistic preparation of our students for their life beyond the school gates.

Participation in the Religious Life of the College involves students developing a broad understanding of human capacity, especially in the spiritual and emotional domains.  As such, it is expected that all students will take part in a variety of interactive experiences that will help them grow in appreciation of the faith dimension of others and themselves.  These activities generally occur outside the formal classroom learning of Religious Education and have a significant role in driving many of the social and group development events that contribute to the vibrant and inclusive social atmosphere of the College.

These activities include:

v  engaging in reflective and meditative practices, prayer and liturgy – including appropriate participation of the Mass


v  involvement with the Social Justice campaigns and causes like:

 - St Vincent de Paul winter appeal  Project Compassion (Caritas international aid agency)

  - Erin House advocacy activities (women’s shelter)

  - Project Reach Out

  - participating in the Retreat days when students leave the school grounds to take time out of the ordinary school schedule, to reflect on their own personal, spiritual and social  growth

  - Joining in St Patrick’s Day and Founders Day activities


These activities are designed to build student capacity to:


​v  recognise Religious Identity and Culture

v  appropriately engage in Prayer and Worship

v  develop an appreciation for Evangelisation and Faith Formation

v  actively engage in Social Action and Justice


Through these, and many other experiences, students are given the opportunity to develop an articulate and purposeful way of engaging with the world in an interactive, enjoyable and positive way.  They are encouraged to live a life that is reflective of all the good that is inherent in the mission of Jesus and the outreach traditions of the Church.

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