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Caroline Chisholm, recognised as a leading social reformer, was famous for her work in new immigrants to New South Wales during the 1840s and 1850s.  Reared in a tradition of evangelical philanthropy, even as a young girl she was interested in helping people.

​Her parents' home was always open to everyone, no matter how rich or poor.  Caroline Chisholm began her work in the colony accepting established conventions, but when she encountered the obstruction and indifference of officialdom, her attitude began to harden and she became an uncompromising radical.  She lobbied to ensure that immigrants were provided with adequate accommodation and personally organised for the often-destitute young women to be educated enough to secure employment.  Caroline set up the Female immigrants Home but she was also concerned for families and established the Family colonisation Loan Society.  Her activism, energy and experience contributed to changes in the migrant selection process, the treatment of migrants on the voyage out and their reception in the colony.  To this end, she ensured the passage of the Passenger Act of 1852.


Her benevolent crusade to better the lives of immigrants earned her the title The Immigrants' Friend.  A true pioneer whose practical approach echoes the vocational role of the VET sector, Caroline Chisholm represents the commitment of St Patrick's College to recognise and act on the need to assist those seeing a more practical education.


The Cross:  The rough bush cross of Chisholm House represents the raw beginnings of the early colonial era of Australia.  The gum leaf symbolises our unique heritage while the hands reach out to illustrate service - the offering of ourselves to others.

For many years McAuley, Rice and Horan have represented St Patrick’s. 2010 saw the addition of a new member to that very exclusive club, Chisholm House. ​
Many important and worthy people were considered, however after great deliberation and voting by both students and staff, it was Caroline Chisholm’s legacy and teachings which were chosen. 

Caroline Chisholm came to be known as the ‘immigrant’s friend’. After marrying and moving with her husband to Australia, she discovered a vocation for assisting immigrants. When Caroline came to Australia she discovered many people who needed help. She dedicated herself to caring for women who found themselves in a new land with no support. After many years of thank-less work, she returned to England but continued her campaign. Long after Caroline left this country her legacy lives on. It is the qualities of compassion, generosity, equality, community and support that Chisholm House endeavours to continue.

 Our Chisholm House Leader is​​- Rebecca Bell

For the most part, students are in houses along family lines, and should now remain with the same Coordinator and Home Room Teacher for a number of years. Hopefully, positive and meaningful relationships can be built over this time which enhance your child’s overall ability to learn academically, socially and spiritually at St. Patrick’s. 

Should you have concerns about how your student is coping with College life, or specific parts of their schooling, please contact the College and ask to speak to the relevant House Coordinator. For issues such as lateness, absence or minor uniform matters, speaking to your child’s Home Room Teacher may be more productive initially. 

One of the ways in which each house builds a sense of community is through of the specific sporting carnivals held each year. 

As a Pastoral Team, we would like to remind parents to read our Newsletter, emailed to families each week
, as well as peruse your child’s diary. Both are essential means of communicating your child’s daily and weekly experiences at St. Patrick’s. Please note this in the student diary.

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Chisholm House is also extremely fortunate to have dedicated staff to support the students. Our Homeroom teachers for 2024 are:
Chisholm 1 – Kathleen Adamson

Chisholm 2 – Elizabeth Cain

Chisholm 3 – Jason Tappin

Chisholm 4 – Kylie Wesley

Chisholm 5 – Prue Francis


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