Our Campus

The College consists of many buildings used for various purposes.

Edmund Rice Building



This building was a part of the Christian Brothers College and was built in the early 1930's.

It has three levels with classrooms on each. Until its refurbishment in the 1990's it also housed the College Offices and Administration Area.

Currently, we have seven classrooms on the top floor, our Learning Resource Centre, College Chappel, e-Learning and IT Support,  General Learning Area on the second floor, with Learning Support, Classroom, Tuckshop and Pastoral Area on the Ground Floor.

The under croft at Ground Level is used as a shade space for students during breaks.

Catherine McAuley Building

The ground level of this building houses our Administration and Staff areas as well as two Science Labs and two Classrooms.

Under the Federal Government's Building the Education Revolution (BER) and its Science Language Centre component (SLC), we added an upper level to this building. This provides the College with two more Science Labs and three Language Rooms as well as an Outdoor Education area.



Sacred Heart Building


The current Sacred Heart Building replaced the original Sacred Heart College in 2000. It was then further upgraded in 2003 to the building it is today. It is on two levels with a Home Economics / Hospitality area and three General Learning Areas on the ground and a CAD Lab, two General Learning Areas and a small Drama Centre on the first level.

A feature of this building is the paved outdoor area with stone seating and overhead shade sails.

Classrooms on the ground level can be opened up to provide one large area for various uses. This is also able to be done to the Classrooms and Drama Centre on the first floor and this area is then used for parent meetings and student gatherings.

 Caroline Chishisholm Building

The Caroline Chisholm Building was formerly known as the TA (Technology and Art) Building.​

When we moved to four houses in 2010 we decided to rename this building.

It was built in the early 1970's as part of the Christian Brothers complex. It houses a Music Room and an Art Area on the top floor.

On the ground floor is a Design & Technologies Room, student toilet / shower facilities and store room.


Matthew Horan Centre


The Matthew Horan Centre was completed (internally) in early 2010 and is a magnificent addition to our campus.

It is a purpose built covered sports facility with a Stage area, storage and toilet / shower facilities. For security and weather protection we have completed the facility with electric roller doors.

The surface is a low grade rebound ace structure and the court area is marked for basketball, volleyball and netball.

Part of the building process involved installation of water tanks for use with our toilets. We also obtained a grant from the National Solar Schools Program to install a solar power system.