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Catherine McAuley was the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, a religious order, initially, dedicated to the education of poor young catholic women of Dublin and is now a worldwide order where the education and rights of all young people are first and foremost in the minds of the educators.  Catherine McAuley grew up in Ireland (born 1778) at a time when Catholics, who were approximately 75 – 80% of the population, where amongst the poorest of the poor.  Due to family circumstances Catherine was personally spared a life of poverty but her observations of Catholic families living in slums rife with disease and epidemics, lacking in education and full of wide spread begging never let her memory.  She commenced her “mercy works” early in life, led by her strong Catholic faith; Catherine always wished to give something to the poor.   Catherine soon grew to realise that the way to help the young women of Ireland was through education and refuge.  In 1827 the House of Mercy was opened and on the 12th of December 1831 the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy was established.  Catherine’s strong desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus led to voluntary poverty for all Sisters of Mercy and so Catherine’s mission, to be creditable with the poor, meant it necessary to live in solidarity with them.  Catherine McAuley died on the 11th November 1841 and her legacy lives on through every Mercy school throughout the world.


The Cross:  The Mercy cross is a replica of the ebony and ivory cross worn by Catherine McAuley.  There is no figure on the cross, signifying that we place ourselves on the cross with Christ in an attempt to share His journey.  Catherine McAuley and her sisters were unusual in that they did not remain cloistered.  The footprints symbolise the action of walking out into the community to journey with others; to seek out those in need; to share their burdens.

Our McAuley House Leader is - Kylie Johnson

For the most part, students are in houses along family lines, and should now remain with the same Coordinator and Home Room Teacher for a number of years. Hopefully, positive and meaningful relationships can be built over this time which enhance your child’s overall ability to learn academically, socially and spiritually at St. Patrick’s.

Should you have concerns about how your student is coping with College life, or specific parts of their schooling, please contact the College and ask to speak to the relevant House Coordinator. For minor issues such as lateness, absence or minor uniform matters, speaking to your child’s Home Room Teacher may be more productive initially.

One of the ways in which each house builds a sense of community is through of the specific sporting carnivals held each year.

As a Pastoral Team, we would like to remind parents to read our Newsletter, emailed to families each week, as well as peruse your child’s diary. Both are essential means of communicating your child’s daily and weekly experiences at St. Patrick’s. Please note this in the student diary. 

 Our Homeroom teachers for 2024 are:
     McAuley 1  – Emmerson Dunlop

     McAuley 2  – Michelle Hammer

     McAuley 3 -  Simone Rookyard

     McAuley 4 -  Luke Hoyne

     McAuley 5 -  Michael Tyquin

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