College Board

The College has a Pastoral Board that meets regularly during each year to review and set policy and deal with other important College matters.
Its purpose is to help determine the policies that the College operates under, but it is not involved in the day to day running of the College.
Our 2024 Board Members are:
Mark Newton
Elizabeth Thompson
College  Leadership

Gerard O'Connell
Business Manager

Sar​ah Viner

Kate Cartwright
Community Rep

Rachel Edwards
Community Rep​

Kristie Abberfield​
Community Rep
​​​Deb Brown
Board Chair​

Jasmin White
College Captain​

Savannah Fitzgerald
​College Captain

Fr Adrian Farrelly
Parish Priest​
Parish Rep​


 ​​ ​College Policies and Procedures​​

​  Mobile Phone Policy​​ - issued 2020

  Student Attendance procedure​ - reviewed June 2021