St Patrick's College is a Parish based Catholic College catering for Years 7 to 12 in a coeducational setting. In 2023, around 500 students are enrolled at the College.

The College has a strong Catholic tradition based on the Christian Brothers College for Boys (established in 1904) and the Sisters of Mercy High School for Girls (established in 1879).

Faith Life - Our claim to existence as an independent school is based on the support we offer parents in the education of their children in the Catholic tradition. A variety of Faith Experiences both inside and outside the classroom is offered, including -

  • Religious Education classes
  • Daily Prayer
  • Liturgies
  • Annual Retreat - Years 8, 10 and 12
  • Christian Leadership Camp - Year 11
  • Religious Education Seminar Days
  • Community Service

Facilities - The College is fortunate to have a wide range of facilities available:

  • a well equipped Learning Resource Centre
  • specialist rooms and equipment including Science, Art, Industrial Technology & Design, Home Economics, Drama and CAD
  • two (2) computer rooms fully networked with internet and intranet access
  • wireless capable Windows devices for classroom use for Yr 7 to Yr 12​
  • oval and multi purpose centre
  • access to St Patrick's Church

All General Purpose classrooms are carpeted and have been refurbished. Interactive whiteboards or digital televisions or data projectors are available in most classrooms. Classrooms are also cabled for computer access.

The Tuckshop is open each day and offers a comprehensive range of food and drinks.

Pastoral Care - Each student is assigned to a House Group. The House Group teacher has daily contact with the group and strives to foster the well-being and harmony of all members. A Peer Support program allows older students to mentor to younger ones.

A formal assembly of the whole College is held most Wednesdays. This assembly has a liturgical focus.

Support Staff - Student's personal needs are further enhanced by:

  • The College Counsellor
  • The Learning Support Teacher
  • The Inclusion Teacher
  • The House Coordinators
  • Campus Minister
  • The Vocational Education Team

Parents - Parental contact and participation are encouraged. Opportunities include:

  • St Patrick's College Pastoral Board
  • Parent - Teacher Information evenings
  • Tuckshop and Library rosters
  • Student Education & Training Plan (SET plan) interviews for Year 10 students
  • Other activities as planned from time to time
  • Regular communication from the College is initiated by -
  • Weekly Newsletter - most weeks
  • Mid Semester and End Semester reports on Student's Progress
  • Parent / Teacher evenings.

​Student Representative Council - The Student Representative Council represents the whole student body through a variety of committees that operate within school life.