Camps, Retreats and Activities

​At St Patrick's College there are a number of camps and excursions held throughout the year.  All camps and excursions are a compulsory part of the curriculum. Forms and information about your Student's Camp, Retreat or Activity will be available via Qkr!, the Parent Portal, and the BCE Connect App.

Year 7 Camp - encourage year level and house spirit, enhance team building and develop confidence​

Year 8 Retreat - ​an introduction to "Catholic Sacramentality" including activities to help students get to know others outside their friendship group, build group cohesion, and to listen and work together as a team

Year 9 Camp - encourage year level and house spirit, enhance team building and develop confidence​​

Year 10 Retreat -​ a many layered Retreat experience taking students out of their 'every-day' activities prompting them to reflect on where spirituality and ethics form part of who they are​

Year 11 Camp​​ - aims to build on leadership, positive relationships and teamwork skills with a strong focus on Self, Others and the Community

Year 12 Retreat -​ an integral part of the RE program with the focus on responding to challenges in life, naming the sacred, and supporting the Year 12 cohort in preparation for the end of the students' time at St Patrick's Col​lege, Gympie.

Refer to our College ​Cale​​​ndar​ for all events
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