Food Specialisation - Technologies and Production


Home Economics Year 7 Food Technology

Students will learn about making healthy food choices. They will gain knowledge about a balanced diet, reading food labels, identifying hidden sugars in processed foods and the risks of developing diet related disease through unhealthy food choices. Practical cooking experiences will enable students to prepare basic dishes using various techniques, equipment and ingredients.

Food Specialisation Year 9 and 10  - Food Technologies and Food Production

 (two terms of each subject per year)

Food Technologies - Students are exposed to the Design Process in the context of Food Technologies.  The classes are a combination of practical and theory, with the purpose to design a marketable food production.

Food Production - In this subject, students follow the Design process in the context of Food Production with the purpose of improving sustainability at a Food Production level for an Urban context. Students will learn about various Agricultural processes within food production and test and refine their design idea.

Studying Hospitality will provide students with an introductory overview of the hospitality industry, including:


·         career paths within the hospitality industry

·         workplace health and safety​

·         safe food handling and hygienic practices

·         effective teamwork and communication skills


Practical lessons will see students develop culinary skills while producing dishes and beverages for school functions. ​




​     Photos courtesy BCE school - St Patrick's College, Gympie image library - 2022