V​isual Art

Visual Art is one of the most exciting and creative subjects in the school. It links with practically every other subject studied, in one way or another and the skills learnt are transferable not only into other subjects, but also into everyday life.


The processes and practices of Visual Art, such as self-directed learning and creative problem-solving, develop transferable 21st century skills that are highly valued in many areas of employment. Organisations increasingly seek employees who demonstrate work-related creativity, innovative thinking and diversity.

Tertiary studies, vocational education or work experience in the area of visual arts can lead to and benefit careers in diverse fields such as:

  • advertising, e.g. art director, brand specialist, content marketer, photographer, graphic artist
  • arts administration and management, e.g. art project manager, agent, events and festivals manager
  • communication, e.g. writer, communication strategist, journalist, sign writer, art editor, blogger/vlogger, web content producer
  • creative industries, e.g. visual artist, illustrator, photographer, screenwriter
  • design, e.g. architect, fashion designer, environmental designer, fashion marketer, graphic designer, industrial designer, interior designer, stage designer, textiles designer
  • education, e.g. specialist classroom teacher, lecturer, private teacher
  • galleries and museums, e.g. curator, registrar, exhibition designer, director, public programs officer, conservator
  • film and television, e.g. animator, storyboard artist, post-production specialist, art director, production buyer, concept artist, costume designer, camera operator, Foley editor, producer
  • public relations, e.g. campaign manager, publicist, creative director
  • science and technology, e.g. visual translator, medical illustrator, computer game developer/programmer, digital communication specialist, digital content producer, multimedia designer, web designer, computer graphics modeller, forensic photographer.

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Samples of Yr 9 & 10 Visual Artwork

Visual Art 1 b.jpg
Visual Art 2 b.jpg
Visual Art 3b.jpg


 Samples of Senior Art​
Senior 1 B.jpg
Senior 2 b.jpg