Business and Economics

​Economics/Business in Year 9 and 10 focuses on business and economic systems, business procedures, enterprise and ventures and work environments. Understandings of business are drawn from the fields of accounting, law, economics, marketing, management, communications, industrial relations, human resources, information communication technology and administration.


This course is great for students who would like to get a taste for Senior Subjects that are offered at St Patrick’s such as Legal Studies or Business. The course is divided into semesters, offering students a different focus for each semester. Students have the opportunity to study topics including,

·         Basic Macro and Micro Economic Theory

·         Australia’s Place in The Global Economy

·         The fundamentals of Business and the Business Environment

·         Business Competitiveness

·         Foundations of our Legal System

·         An Introduction to Criminal Law and Law Reform

·         Government in Australia


Practical experiences such as Magistrate Court Excursions, playing the ASX Share Market Game, Designing your own Business, and Creating a Political Commercial are some of the more hands on experiences throughout the course. Students learn through current business case-studies and build their analytical skills through analysis of economic and business data to identify and account for economic and business outcomes. Overall, it’s a course with a very contemporary focus in an everchanging Global Economy.​

Business in Year 11 and 12 gives students a background to processes and strategies involved in business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations. 

​The students have the opportunity to examine case-studies from the seed and start-up stage of the business life cycle right through to mature businesses that are using repositioning strategies to transform their businesses. It is through these case studies and the course content, students develop their skills in business analytics and their ability to evaluate business performance based on competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

​A great background to a commerce course at university.​