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  Guidance Counsellor - Sarah Padbury

The duties of the School Counsellor embrace three inter-related areas of the students’ education:


Personal Life:


To assist students in personal problem solving (establishing/defining the problem, developing new perspectives and setting goals, actions).

Personal development (emotional, social, spiritual and moral).

Inter-personal communication (To achieve this objective, the students are counselled in a productive, non-threatening environment which is completely confidential).




To assist student in the selection of subjects appropriate to career aspirations and individual abilities.

​To develop effective study programs founded on good study habits and personal discipline.




To assist students in career planning and exploration through guidance and information, and development of awareness of their interests, attitudes, abilities, likes, dislikes, decision-making skills and job-hunting skills. (Ultimately, the decision relating to a student’s future is his/hers alone.)

Health and Well-Being

The following online items cover a range of topics to help support and improve student, family and community health and wellbeing by identifying all sorts of tips and hints for helping us all safely navigate though lifes up's and down's.


We acknowledge that the following documents are the work of Generation Next. They have been recommended by our College Counsellor. For further reading of Generation next articles please head to their website via the following link Generation Next.

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